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Financial freedom isn’t just about money. It’s about finding your why and aligning your resources to pursue it. Advanced Retirement Strategies, serving Kaysville, UT and beyond, help you define that why and create a financial plan that lets you live out your unique vision of freedom.

Accumulate Wealth and Pursue Goals

I want to protect the wealth I’ve acquired and put it to work for me so I can continue to grow my assets.

Prepare for Retirement and Beyond

Retirement is approaching, and I want to help ensure my family has the income we’ll need.

Make the Most of Retirement

I’m already retired and want to make sure my legacy is protected (and I don’t run out of money anytime soon).

Set up My Family for Success

I’m a young professional looking to expand my family, eliminate debt and help grow my wealth

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Our Proven Process

The D3REAM Experience

Every client we work with will have the opportunity to engage in The D3REAM Experience. This proven approach to comprehensive financial planning allows us thoughtfully listen, collaborate, and continually partner with you to achieve your financial goals.

01         Discovery:  Take Steps to understand your goals

02         Data:  Gather information about your situation

03         Design: Develop your retirement income strategy

04         Review:  Communicate semi-annually to discuss performance

05         Evaluate:  Consult on key moments of decision making

06         Adjust:  Adapt your plan to any life, business, or financial changes

07          Monitor:  Regularly assess any potential life transitions

Our Unique Approach

Defined Outcome Investing

You’ve worked hard and saved hard. Whether you’re accumulating money for retirement or ready to retire, our investment advisory services use a powerful and proprietary investment process called Defined Outcome Investing.

In our opinion, your likelihood of success is significantly increased through a combination of institutional investments, specific objectives, and creating clear upside and downside parameters.

Institutional Investments

We arm our clients with best-of-breed, competitive, and strategically unique investment strategies.

Specific Objectives

We can help you understand and define your financial goals and then create an investment portfolio focused on the outcomes you want.

Clear Upside & Downside Parameters

As CFP® professionals, we collaborate with you to position your investments according to your risk tolerance, with all potential outcomes clearly defined.

Discover the right investment strategy for you.

Tell us a little more about your investment objectives and level of comfort with risk.

By what percentage do you expect your portfolio to grow annually over the long-term (10+ years)?


Why Us?

The D3ream Experience

We’re not just financial advisors. Our unique approach helps you plan through the most important parts of your life so nothing keeps you from your goals.

Accountability Partner

One of the most difficult parts of planning is ensuring you follow through. We help you stay on track at every stage of life, regardless of changes, victories or challenges.


We don’t just create a roadmap – we help you get there. We identify and communicate what should take priority and guide you each step of the way.

What We Do

The passion of our financial advisors is to help people from all walks of life find their own vision of true wealth. That means helping you define what true wealth looks like for you, putting a plan in place to help you pursue your vision, then helping you maintain the true wealth you’ve achieved.

Financial Planning

Our team of financial advisors will design a plan to evaluate your current financial situation and direct you toward true financial freedom.

Investment Management

Our disciplined, time-tested investment strategies provide your portfolio with the proactive service you need to pursue your goals.

Retirement Planning

We’re here to help you avoid your own personal retirement crisis by putting your financial plan into concrete terms using our five-step process.

Tax Planning

Our tax team of CPAs reviews your recent tax returns to identify potential savings or restructuring opportunities, giving you proactive ideas to save money in the future.

Estate Planning

Our estate planning team helps you create a tax efficient, comprehensive estate plan that leaves little to chance, along with teaching you how your assets will be distributed.

Defined Outcome Investing

Whether you’re accumulating money for retirement or ready to retire, our investment advisory services use a proprietary investment process called Defined Outcome Investing.

Retirement Readiness Quiz

Do you feel ready for retirement? Our quiz will give you a better idea of where you stand and how it relates to your goals.

Does your retirement plan stack up? Let’s find out.

Question 1 of 6

How old are you?

This number determines how much time you have to prepare for retirement.

Question 2 of 6

What is your current or most recent annual income?

Use your gross annual income before taxes and other deductions. This number helps gauge your ability to save.

Question 3 of 6

What are your total retirement savings so far?

This number should include 401(k)s, IRAs, etc., plus any employer contributions to help determine your retirement readiness as of today.

Question 4 of 6

How much do you save each month for retirement?

This number helps determine whether you’re on track to have enough money saved by retirement age. Be sure to include contributions going to your workplace savings account [e.g., 401(k), 403(b)] or IRA or another savings account. Don’t forget to include your employer’s contributions. Use your best guess if you don’t know the exact amount.

Question 5 of 6

How will your expenses change when you retire?

Keep in mind, your standard of living will likely change when you retire. Will your mortgage be paid off? Will you save money on your daily commute? Will you spend more on travel or entertainment?


I’ll spend less


I’ll spend the same


I’ll spend more

Question 6 of 6

How would you describe your investment style?

Conservative: Lower risk for capital preservation

Moderate: Taking on moderate risk for moderate returns

Growth: Accepting more risk to seek higher returns

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